Hi I’m Dwarakanath Kini

During my 25+ years of corporate work experience in sales, marketing and biz development and 10+ years as a digital marketing company, I found that marketing & sales have been one of the top perpetual challenges for small businesses.

In the recent years, we have all witnessed the rapid changes and shifts in the way we sell or the way we buy or source information on products and services that we wish to purchase.

And therefore, you will agree that it’s absolute overwhelming for small businesses to keep abreast of changes in the marketplace or to adapt to it.

Smarketing is the new, unified approach to marketing and sales.

Smarketing is the new mantra for sales growth and to thrive in the marketplace

And I’m currently on this mission to build the country’s largest community of SMarketing Leaders

And the vision is to empower 100,000 small businesses become smarketing leaders in their craft, trade or industry.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, small business, solopreneur, self-employed, freelancer, or a sales professional, looking to rapidly grow your sales, and if you can resonate with idea of adapting to the fast-changing business scenario, then I would like to personally invite you to my next Smarketing Leadership Masterclass, where I share my Smarketing Success Secrets and the roadmap to becoming the smarketing leader in your craft, trade or industry, in the shortest possible time.

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