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As a brief introduction, I’m Dwarakanath Kini – a Smarketing Leadership Strategist – on this mission to enable micro and small business owners with insane sales and revenue growth and increased profitability, in the shortest possible time, by implementing the  Smarketing Success Formula.

During my working career, spanning 26+ years in sales, business development, and marketing across industry sectors, I mostly worked with micro and small businesses, helping them with their advertising and marketing.

And for over 11 years, have been on my entrepreneurial journey as a smarketing consultant and digital marketer helping small and medium-sized businesses with their marketing and sales practices.

One of the top challenges that most small businesses across market segments and geographies face, is that of marketing and selling. Of being able to generate predictable and consistent sales and cash flows.

And the primary reason for this struggle is the lack of skills, deliberate learning, training, and practice of the various marketing and selling skills.

It so happens that one of the key differentiators for the consistent top performers is also their ability to stay on top of their marketing and sales game is to do with regularly training and practicing their marketing and selling skills.

The importance of continuous learning, training and honing one’s marketing and selling skills  periodically, can never be over emphasized.  Especially as solopreneurs, micro and small business owners, who get to wear multiple hats as a marketer, salesperson, and all else.

Despite their struggles with marketing and sales, micro and small business owners, as well as professional salespeople (who are in sales to earn a living), seldom prioritize skilling up in marketing and sales-related skills to have that competitive edge.

Add to that, today’s dynamic marketplace.

Over the last decade, the marketplaces have drastically changed and at a breakneck pace. Consumer behaviour has changed. Customers’ expectations have totally shifted. The way we do business has changed. The competition has gone through the roof. Many small businesses have folded up, and many more have sprung up.

And those small business owners, who have the enthusiasm to embrace the pace of change are often either overwhelmed or confused. With all the information and technology that’s out there.

Sometimes, they are in a state of flux and stuck, which means “struggling to survive” in many cases.

Clearly, conventional marketing strategies, methods, and sales techniques are not as effective anymore.

Introducing Smarketing

This is where SMARKETING comes in. Smarketing is a unified, integrated approach to marketing and selling, also known as sales and marketing alignment.

The smarketing practice is all about marketing and selling by leveraging social media, technology, tools, and data segmentation, along with the smarketing mindset.

Sales and marketing alignment is the way forward for small businesses to grow and scale, regardless of the industry or craft.

There are many benefits to the effective implementation of smarketing practice, especially for a small business.

Research shows:

Businesses with strong sales and marketing alignment (smarketing practice):

  • Are 67% more effective at closing deals
  • Are 58% more effective at retaining customers
  • Drive 208% more revenue as a result of their marketing efforts.

Source: LinkedIn Research

What is even more shocking is that:

An estimated $1 trillion dollars a year are lost due to the lack of sales and marketing coordination (or those who don’t yet have the smarketing practice in place) in the US alone.

Source: LinkedIn Art of Winning Report

While each business situation may be unique, every micro and small business owner, should be able to adopt and adapt to their own requirements with the right smarketing mindset.

The “Smarketing Success Formula”

In our signature program “Smarketing Success Formula”, we handhold micro and small businesses in the implementation of a successful smarketing practice.

Including the systems, processes, templates, and scripts we have it all figured out, should you be interested?

As a business mentor, coach, and for the most part an ardent student of the smarketing practice, I wish to mention here that it takes deliberate practice, discipline, and diligent efforts to see some great results.

I invite you to stay connected with our community of small business owners who are committed to becoming smarketing leaders in their own niche or domain.

Called the Smarketing Leadership Mastermind – our community members are committed to lifelong learning and taking action for insane sales growth and profitability.

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I encourage you to very actively engage and participate in all the interactions & discussions in the Group.

Your focus here should be to be the best student of your craft or industry that you wish to have.

Thank you once again and looking forward to your valuable feedback, regarding your challenges, suggestions, and your continued participation in this community.

Onward and Upward!!

Happy Smarketing!